Short Film Screening and Discussion: The Extraordinary Negro

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Hosted by Planting Fields Arboretum
Contact: [email protected]

The short film, selected for an Oscar qualifying film festival, tells the story of Ignatius Sancho (c.1729 – 1780), known during his lifetime as “The Extraordinary Negro”. Sancho, born onboard a slave ship, was the first black man to vote in a British election, the first composer of African ancestry, and the one of the first persons of African descent known to have his work published in the British press. Sancho become well known in the literary and artistic circles of the day.

The film will be followed by a discussion featuring Sarah Kautz, Preservation Long Island’s Director of Preservation and Advocacy. Sarah will link the discussion to parallel literary and artistic circles in the newly formed United States that included one of the earliest published African American authors, Jupiter Hammon (1711–ca.1806), who was born into slavery on Long Island and other artists surviving within the structure of enslavement in early America.