Historic Preservation Advocacy Alert! The Village of Southampton scheduled public hearings to consider five significant late 20th-century houses for local landmark designations on Monday, March 25 at 6 PM. Preservation Long Island supports historic designation for the properties.

The five Modern and Postmodern homes are:
1. The Sugarman House, 1360 Meadow Lane, Architect: Ward Bennett
2. The Bliss House, 88 Meadow Lane, Architect: Norman Jaffe
3. The Conason House, 1820 Meadow Lane, Architect: Myron Goldfinger
4. Cohen House, 380 Barons Lane, Architect: Norman Jaffe
5. Roslin House, 1880 Meadow Lane, Architect: Norman Jaffe

Preservation Long Island has submitted a letter supporting the historic designation of the five modern and post-modern residences to the Village of Southampton Board of Architectural Review & Historic Preservation.


Learn more about modernist architecture in Long Island Modernism―the first illustrated history of Long Island’s modern architecture based on a survey conducted by Preservation Long Island (formerly the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities).