Town of Islip, Suffolk County

Situated at a corner property, the La Grange Inn dates back to 1750 and is a familiar site on Montauk Highway. It has maintained some semblance of its intended purpose throughout its history. At various times, it was as an inn, a hotel, a hostelry, and a restaurant and has undergone several expansions over time. Vacant since 2010 with mechanical systems turned off in 2011, the building is threatened by steady decline. Negotiations are underway with CVS to move and restore the building, but there are concerns that the proposed solution will compromise the civic persona of the building. It is further complicated by a need to clarify periods of significance, and issues with redundant commercial development, as there is another CVS in close proximity.


• Demolition of later catering hall additions began in 2014
• Second and third floor of the building being moved to corner with a new ground floor reconstruction
• Plans to restore building to early 1900s appearance
• Listing has increased public attention to threat