70 West Sunrise Highway
Village of Freeport, Nassau County

Eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places

The Meadow Brook Bank (also referred to as the First National Bank) was constructed in 1929—at the time, the tallest building on Long Island east of Jamaica. It played an important role in Freeport’s commercial development, and its design aspires to a vision of Long Island development that is very different than what transpired—it represents a denser more urban sensibility. During WWII, an observation deck was built on the roof to monitor ‘enemy plane’ activity. It is distinctly reminiscent of an Art Deco version of the Flatiron building, and was designed by the Hoggson Brothers—several of their other bank buildings are on the National Register. The building façade features Mayan reliefs, and the lobby uses Caen stone marble and bronze. It has been empty since the 1980s. The Local Landmarks Preservation Commission wanted to designate this building, but Trustees are reluctant.


In March 2017, the Village of Freeport sold the building for $6.4 million to the DiNoto Group, a Huntington-based real estate investment firm.
• Redevelopment plans reportedly include a mixed-use project with retail space and 250 units of rental housing for seniors.
• The DiNoto Group has yet to decide whether the Meadow Brook bank will be demolished, or if its revitalization will play a role in the redevelopment plan.