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The unique environmental, cultural, and historic resources of Plum Island, NY are at risk of being lost forever. In light of this urgent threat, Preservation Long Island is compelled to be a member of the Preserve Plum Island Coalition (the Coalition), a diverse group of 110 nonprofit organizations working together to save this remarkable place from wholesale privatization and commercial development.

The Coalition’s new Envision Plum Island Report (2020) explores viable alternatives to the federal government’s unacceptable proposal to sell Plum Island at auction. The recommendations of Envision Plum Island emerged from a two-year process of collaborative planning with 160 stakeholder groups, including members of the Coalition, residents of New York and New England, elected officials, business leaders, and tribal representatives.

Most importantly, the report is informed by the interests of the public who want a different outcome for Plum Island and whose federal tax dollars have supported its use as a military base and infectious disease research facility for over 120 years (i.e., Fort Terry between the 1890s and 1940s, and the Plum Island Animal Disease Center since 1954).

As the regional advocate for historic preservation on Long Island, Preservation Long Island believes Plum Island’s distinctive historic and cultural resources are worthy of protection from neglect, inappropriate development, and destruction. We enthusiastically support the public-private partnerships for adaptive reuse and stewardship proposed by Envision Plum Island, and note that these alternatives to sale and development would be further enhanced by comprehensive study and review. We therefore urge federal and New York State officials to consider working together with the Coalition, preservation professionals, and tribal representatives to achieve a better understanding of the condition and needs of Plum Island’s irreplaceable resources.

Please join Preservation Long Island and our fellow Coalition members in the fight to keep Plum Island protected and preserved for generations to come.

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