On October 17, 2023, the Islip Town Board voted unanimously to pass a resolution reinforcing the zoning designation passed in 2018 for Idle Hour Mansion, one of our 2017 Endangered Historic Places.  The vote establishes a Planned Landmark Preservation (PLP) overlay district to further protect the site from being altered.

Click HERE to read coverage of the resolution in Newsday.

Idle Hour located in Oakdale, is the former 900-acre estate of railroad mogul and financier William Kissam Vanderbilt I. Many of the estate’s exceptional buildings were designed for Vanderbilt by celebrated American architectural firms like Hunt & Hunt and Warren & Wetmore.

Today, Idle Hour’s exceptional historic buildings continue to embody the surrounding community’s strong ties to the Vanderbilt era, a connection that is widely recognized and celebrated by those who live and work in Oakdale. Preservation Long Island continues to support the efforts of our local advocacy partners, the Oakdale Historical Society, who received our 2019 Organizational Excellence Award.

To learn more about the history of the structure and the ongoing advocacy efforts, visit the Idle Hour Endangered Historic Places page.