Booker T. Washington’s Long Island summer home from 1911 until his death in 1914, this house has been unoccupied since the 1990s and is located in coastal erosion hazard zone. In 2009, the current owner, who purchased the property three years after local landmark designation, petitioned the town to lift designation status in order to allow demolition. A huge public upheaval caused the petition to be withdrawn. The project entails moving the building (required to stabilize the shoreline) and has yet to go before a public hearing. A save for this building involves ensuring that its reuse treatment is consistent with plans approved by the Huntington Landmarks Preservation Commission and that every effort is made to retain as much original material as possible.


• Threatened by demolition first, then insensitive alteration request
• Reasonable compromise achieved through LPC negotiation: house to be moved and reused as a guest house to new construction. Permission for new construction pending DEC approval. House interior has been gutted, but property remains on original site
• Listing helped to bolster LPC stance, possibly will prevent “accidental” demolition when moved.
• As of 2014: No action taken, house still vacant and gutted, never moved.