Preservation Long Island’s Howard C. Sherwood Award was established in 1974 in honor of our founder and is reserved for individuals who demonstrate exceptional lifetime achievement in historic preservation.

2018 Howard Sherwood Award

Preservation Long Island recognized Mr. Zachary N. Studenroth in 2018 for his influential work to promote and enhance historic preservation throughout our region since the 1970s. As the author of numerous studies, historic structure reports, and National Register nominations, Mr. Studenroth has contributed significantly to popular and scholarly understandings of Long Island’s past. He has served as a public educator and expert for community-based initiatives like the Southampton Town’s Historic Burying Ground Project, raising public awareness and improving stewardship at some of our most sensitive historic places. As the Executive Director of the Cutchogue-New Suffolk Historical Council, Mr. Studentorth is currently overseeing a multi-year project to reinterpret The Old House, digitize the Council’s collections, and restore the old Cutchogue Burying Ground.

2014 Howard Sherwood Award

In 2014, the Society recognized Ms. Natalie Naylor for her immense contribution to the preservation of Long Island’s intangible heritage. As a teacher at Hofstra University and the Director of the Long Island Studies Institute, she has enriched the lives of students and laypeople alike. Her dedicated scholarship has yielded several conferences and publications on the subject, and since her retirement in 2000, she continues to advance the study of Long Island history as a speaker at historical societies and libraries, a consultant to several Long Island museums, and as the editor of the Nassau County Historical Society Journal.

2013 Howard Sherwood Award

At our Winter Lecture on January 6, 2013, Anne Van Ingen was presented with Preservation Long Island’s esteemed Howard Sherwood Award for exceptional achievement in historic preservation. A native of Long Island, Anne got her start in preservation working with Preservation Long Island and went on to play a widely influential role in advancing the field. For twenty-seven years she was director of the Architecture, Planning, and Design Program at New York State Council on the Arts and served on several preservation advisory boards including the National Trust for Historic Preservation. In these capacities, Anne has fostered innumerable preservation projects across the state including many on Long Island and has helped to shape and support strong preservation organizations through her knowledgeable guidance and leadership.