During the fall of 2020, Preservation Long Island invites the public to participate in three roundtables that will explore the legacy of enslavement on Long Island and the life of Jupiter Hammon. For those interested in background information leading up to each of the programs, below is a collection of materials available online for you to read and explore.

Interactive and Digital Resources

A selection of engaging websites and databases designed for you to explore while learning.

Primary Sources 

Original historic documents, such as essays, poems, laws, letters, and more.

Secondary Sources 

Scholarly examinations of historical events, documents, and people.

Related Historic Sites

Sylvester Manor (established 1652), Shelter Island
Henry Lloyd Manor House (built ca. 1711), Lloyd Harbor




African Burial Ground (established late 17th century) National Monument, Manhattan, NYC

Jupiter Hammon Project Study Hall

In this series of bite-sized clips, the Preservation Long Island team invite special guests to explore historic and education resources that help contextualize Jupiter Hammon’s story.

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