“The historic interior at St. Paul’s School in Garden City is comprised of invaluable assets that should not be removed” – Tara Cubie, Preservation and Advocacy Director, Preservation Long Island.

In an April 18, 2024 Letter to the Editor of the Garden City News, Preservation Long Island expressed concerns regarding the potential approach of facadism at St. Paul’s School in Garden City. While there is overwhelming support to save the exterior of this remarkable building, to empty and completely modernize its interior would be to remove the heart and the soul of the structure.

Listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, St. Paul’s School is one of the most substantial historic buildings on Long Island and included on our 2010 Endangered Historic Places list.

St. Paul’s rooms, stained glass windows, oak trim, intricate ironwork, and tilework contribute to the school’s authenticity and should be safeguarded with the utmost priority.

Garden City residents deserve the best, and that requires a thoughtful restoration of St. Paul’s that both safeguards and celebrates the interior and exterior of this historic landmark.

Read the full letter here: Interior is irreplaceable – Garden City News. St. Pauls letter.4.18.24

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