Is your local government a Certified Local Government? Local governments play a vital role in our ability to preserve, protect, and increase awareness about cultural heritage found in the built environment on Long Island and across the country. The main goal of the Certified Local Government (CLG) Program is to develop strong partnerships that improve preservation in local communities. Local, state, and federal governments work together via the CLG Program to help protect our irreplaceable historic and cultural resources.

All certified CLGs in New York State are eligible to receive a variety of services from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) including:

  • Ongoing focused support from SHPO staff
  • Technical preservation assistance and legal advice
  • Direct involvement in SHPO programs, such as identifying properties that may be eligible for listing in the State and National Registers of Historic Places
  • Training opportunities that increase the ability of communities to protect their historic resources and integrate them into short- and long-term planning initiatives
  • Grants designated exclusively for CLG projects
  • Membership in statewide and national CLG networks

As of July 2019, there are 78 CLGs in New York State and 10 CLGs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Check the list below to see if your community is one of them. Please consider attending the next meeting of your local CLG—it is a great way to get involved in local preservation!

There are 10 CLGs on Long Island. Is your local government one of them?

By Sarah Kautz, Preservation Director, Preservation Long Island
Public January, 23, 2020