Announcing SPLIA’s New Name!

Since its founding in 1948, the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities (SPLIA) has reshaped itself a number of times and we’ve embarked on our next exciting transformation! The Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities is now Preservation Long Island.

Our new name is the result of a year’s worth of careful study involving interviews, surveys, data analysis, and the expertise of branding consultants. We learned a great deal going through this process—most importantly, that our current name limited our ability to engage people who do not already know who we are. Moreover, it was difficult to say, hard to remember, and no longer sufficiently encompasses the dynamic, multifaceted organization that we are becoming.

As Preservation Long Island, we will continue to advance the importance of historic preservation throughout our region with a refreshed brand and a renewed sense of purpose. These are exciting times and we look forward to adding the next chapter in our organization’s accomplished career in advocacy, education, and stewardship.

New logo by Malcolm Grear Designers
Featured Black and White Photo: Arthur Greene Collection, Preservation Long Island