Preservation Long Island’s Director of Preservation and Advocacy, Sarah Kautz is a featured presenter at this year’s conference along with Jupiter Hammon Project Advisory Council member, Dr. Georgette Lovette Grier-Key, Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Eastville Community Historical Society of Sag Harbor.

This year the conference is focusing on the future of preservation. All conference sessions will take place virtually. Links to sessions will be emailed to registered attendees. We hope you can join the conversation and participate in the Long Island session with Sarah Kautz and Dr.Georgette Lovette Grier-Key on Thursday, November 18th from 10:15-11:30 am:

Codeswitch: The Ordeal of Ordinance
In the minutia of Long Island’s vast governmental infrastructure of historic preservation, there is a lack of enforcement, training, and community knowledge and participation. We examine the challenges and differences between ten certified local governments. The ever-changing geo-political landscape has exposed local municipalities’ lack of preservation laws and clear cultural/historic updated resource management plans to preserve their districts. While municipal boards are volunteers, there is a lack of diversity, representation, and a lack of professional balance. Recent migrations to the East End of Long Island due to Covid-19 has refocused the conversation. The Community Preservation Fund (CPF), a 2% real estate transfer property tax on Five East End Towns amass to more than $189 million dollars. CPF funds are often used to purchase conservation, open space, and preservation land and or buildings that may be under threat by either real estate speculation or neglect.

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