As an advocate for historic preservation on Long Island since 1948, Preservation Long Island has been advancing important preservation issues and assisting local initiatives through a variety of activities. This includes providing technical and advisory services through consultation, delivering testimony at public hearings, maintaining an Endangered Historic Places list, recognizing excellence through Awards, developing Special Reports, and Events and Programs on important issues in the region, and publishing our Preservation Notes newsletter and Blog. By engaging individuals and groups committed to the preservation of cultural resources, Preservation Long Island aims to cultivate a greater understanding and appreciation of a shared legacy in order to ensure a future for Long Island’s past.

Ways to Preserve & Protect Long Island’s Historic Places

The first step towards protecting historic structures and sites is to recognize their historic value. According to federal guidelines for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, a property is historically significant when it demonstrates an association to:

  • broad patterns of history
  • the lives of significant people
  • the distinctive characteristics of an architectural building type or period and/or accomplishments of high artistic value
  • something that has yielded or may be likely to yield, information important in prehistory or history

The following designations can help preserve and protect historic resources:

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